Shoppe Keep 2 | 50+ New Items, Orcs and Elves

Hello all,

Welcome to the latest Shoppe Keep 2 update, which introduces 50+ new items to sell and equip, a new shoppe rating system, orc and elf shoppes, new towns, and a very special limited time Halloween item.

Orc and Elf Shoppes

The orcs and elves have now set up their own shoppes in customerania - however they rely on you to provide them with items.

Once you have reached town level 3, you will see a notice board pop up near the management house which will display the items the elves and orcs wish to sell. They will send their trusted helper bots to collect these items. Fill their chests up and they will then provide you with 70% of the revenue they earn each day.

Once you have sent enough items, you can then purchase items from the elves and orcs to sell in your own shoppe. This will start to attract the elves and orcs to your store.

You can now also find an elvish town in Violet Valley, which is a work in progress!

New Rating System

A new rating system has been put in place within Customerania. Customers to your shoppe will now rate certain elements in your store.

They award points for cleanliness, the use of trash cans and decorations, and for the price of your items.

However any trash on the ground, unfair prices or general unfriendliness will see you receive less points.

These points can be used to unlock exciting new items to be sold in your store. 6 New armour sets are available as well as new weapons, trinkets and consumables. 

Limited Time Halloween Item

Happy Halloween!

Log in now to receive your free Halloween pumpkin helmet in Shoppe Keep 2! This special item is only available until the next update, so let your friends know to log on over the Halloween period in order to grab it! The pumpkin helmet is tied to your character, so if you delete them, the item will be gone too. Other than that, you are able to keep the item permanently. Enjoy!

Full Patch Notes


- 52+ new items can now be unlocked using the new rating system and rating points
- Customers now give rating points based on their experience in your shoppe
- The elvish town has now been built in Violet Valley (Work in progress)
- Orc and elvish shoppes can now be sent goods earning you reputation with these races
- Items can be purchased from the Elf and Orc shoppes to be sold in your own store, attracting elves and orcs to your establishment
- Added an option to mark favourite items in the order scroll
- New research funding progress image can be found behind kiki in the level 3 inn
- Members from the Solutarr, Jotun and Sqalo families now tell you more about their gameplay buffs and debuffs
- Family reputation is now shown in the management house
- You can now track selected statistics on-screen


- World ambient sounds have been updated
- Increased performance when raining
- When in NPC crafting menus, item related notification no longer pops up
- Helper bots can now gather items from the ground
- Intro music volume changes with your chosen settings
- Helper bot fuel drain increased


- Customer navigation is now queue-based to improve navigation around larger shoppes
- Fixed helper bot awakening animation
- Fixed weight stat icon in description
- Helper bot flamethrower texture fixed

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