Jump in and Create Your Shoppe Keep 2 Character!

Hello Keepers!

Welcome to the launch of the Shoppe Keep 2 Character Creator Preview! A free app which will allow you to experience the joys of some of the character customization available in Shoppe Keep 2!

Many more customisation options will be available in the main Shoppe Keep 2 game, but this should give you a nice taste of the character creator! This is after all just a preview. 

Expect at least minutes of enjoyment* as you dress up your Keeper in various items of clothing and socks. Yes that's right! Socks!

Or if you prefer, allow your Keeper to feel the wind brush over their unmentionables, standing as naked as the day they were born.

If you download this app and then play Shoppe Keep 2, you'll be given a special Golden Keeper outfit for use in Shoppe Keep 2. Want to see what it looks like - well here it is (along with a brand new dancing Emote):

Golden Keeper


Additionally, anyone who shares their creations via the hashtag #WeAreKeepers will be entered into a competition where they could win a model of their own creation. Details below:

So there we go! The Character Creator preview is now live and you can download it here! And while you're at it, why not add the full game to your Steam Wishlist?

*Estimated length of playtime was based on my mate Dave's experience.

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