7 Reasons to Play Dad Quest #4 - Shooting Gallery!

Howdy ho, Dads to be! 

It is not long now until Fathers Day, and we hope that you celebrate it with us this Sunday! In the mean time, why not join us for the fourth part of the '7 Reasons to Play Dad Quest' blog series?

Today we are sharing details about the shooting range found in Mountain City Park - founded by a pig entrepreneur, you are able to take on the challenge of popping balloons to win big prizes! These prizes rotate on loading the game so there's always a chance that they may well have something interesting that you've been trying to obtain.

The prize you receive is based on the time it took for you to pop all balloons. In the image above, a new hat for your child is the reward for popping all balloons in under twenty seconds. Whereas, a Veggie sandwich is your reward if you complete the shooting gallery within 45 seconds.

Dad Quest will save your fastest times too! A vanilla Dad throwing the Child will only be so fast. However, a Child equipped with a particular toy could really speed up your time! Experiment with a variety of toys and child abilities to see which one will get you the fastest time in the shooting gallery.

Remember, over the Father's Day weekend Dad Quest will be seeing a massive 60% off to celebrate!

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